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ULTRAMAN, Japan’s most celebrated superhero, appeared on U.S. television as a half-hour live-action series from 1966 until 1981, and attracted millions of viewers who became life-long admirers. For the past 50 years, and even today, the ULTRAMAN TV series has been thrilling fans throughout Asia.

Ultraman is an alien life force from distant Nebula M78 who melded with human Shin Hayata until he was needed to defeat giant monsters and alien invaders hell-bent on destroying Earth. In those times of extreme danger, Ultraman would appear and could extend his body 100 meters when necessary.

Netflix has debuted a new action-packed 13-episode ANIME ULTRAMAN series thrilling a new generation of viewers in North America and around the world. Based on the Hero ULTRAMAN comic book series, and premiering to rave reviews, ANIME ULTRAMAN hurdles us into the future.

The stories find Shin's son -- Shinjiro – now responsible for defending the human race and Earth itself from a new world of alien species. But Shinjiro is a reluctant hero until his father presses upon him what he must do and what it means to be the son of Ultraman. Unlike the Ultraman of old, Shinjiro must deal with bureaucracies and modern crimes. As the invasions get worse, Shinjiro finds out what is necessary to be a hero.

CATEGORY: Entertainment
PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: Anime Ultraman shows us the future—and Ultraman’s son.
TARGET MARKET: Pre-teens, Teens, Adults