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For the past 50 years, Ultraman has been the most famous and celebrated Japanese superhero of all time. Ultraman is an alien life force residing in a human with the capacity to extend to 100 meters in times of extreme danger. Together with the crew of the Earth-based humanoid Space Patrol, he battles monsters that roam the Earth causing endless mayhem and destruction.

From 1966 until 1981, Ultraman appeared on U.S. television in the form of a half-hour live action series that attracted millions of viewers establishing new heights of quality adventure and special effects- driven-children’s entertainment from Tsuburaya Productions and resulting in life-long fans. Even today, millions of admirers worldwide access the Japanese episodes on YouTube.

While the series persists to this day, generating over $50 million per year in toys and merchandise in Japan, Ultraman has not been marketed outside of Asia. Happily, Tsuburaya Productions is bringing the titanic superhero back to the North America market with TV and feature films, and Anime Ultraman, based on the Hero comic book series of the same name, premiered on Netflix to rave reviews.

Ultraman is sure to duplicate the popularity it enjoys in Japan with today’s teens and children in the U.S., and it continues to be adored by a large percentage of the male audience who were passionate about it from the ‘60s through the ‘80s and are eager to introduce it to their kids.

This is an exceptional opportunity to license an iconic superhero with a built-in fan base in such categories as collectibles, publishing; video, mobile and board games; toys, apparel, gifts, novelties, accessories, and paper products.

CATEGORY: Entertainment
PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: Superhero with superpowers battles monsters and aliens on Earth.
TARGET MARKET: Children, Teens, Adults