The Jungle Book

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The classic Rudyard Kipling tale, The Jungle Book, comes alive in the hands of the leading international production studio DQ Entertainment, producers and distributors of children’s animated content. Formerly seen on Discovery Family Channel, The Jungle Book can now be viewed seven days a week on Sinclair Broadcasting’s KidsClick block of children’s programs. The CGI animated series is also available for viewing on Netflix.

Having reached an agreement with Disney Studios, which originally released the Jungle Book movie, DQ Entertainment has re-launched its licensing program. Currently DQE enjoys more than 500 active licensees around the globe and is broadcast in 160 territories.

The beloved Jungle Book is the tale of Mowgli, a boy raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves. Drama and adventure are mixed with comedy in the series as Mowgli learns to survive in the jungle with the help of his friends, who happen to be wild animals. Baloo is his wise bear friend, while Bagheera the dependable black Panther is his best friend. The (sometimes) mighty Kaa is a python who helps Mowgli when it is time to challenge the evil Bengal Tiger Shere Khan.

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