Property Representation

The Licensing Group represents properties throughout the world and maintains a network of sub-agents outside the U.S.

We believe each property is distinctive and therefore requires the development of a licensing program tailored to complement its strengths and maximize its potential. From start to finish, The Licensing Group works with property owners to build complete and profitable licensing programs.

To accomplish this, TLG works with the property owner to:

  • Identify the core consumers

  • Determine the level of retail distribution

  • Identify the core categories

  • Identify core products

  • Choose marketing territories

Once the program is outlined, TLG advises on developing the marketing materials, style guides, and descriptive copy that will be sent to prospective licensees.

Only then does The Licensing Group move on to selling the rights to manufacturers. TLG supports the sales efforts in these ways:

  • Sends licensing solicitations to a broad range of companies in appropriate product categories. TLG keeps an extensive up-to-date database of manufacturers who historically purchase licensing rights, as well as a large number of companies with which we have existing relationships.

  • Works with its extensive network of international sub-agents who represent our interests in their respective markets. With these relationships, we are able to build a cost-effective international licensing program that will complement the domestic licensing operation.

  • Attends key tradeshows of various product categories.

  • Participates as an exhibitor at the International Licensing Show.

  • Uses social media outlets to maximize exposure.

  • Uses public relations avenues such as press releases and interviews with key licensing trade publications.

The Licensing Group acts as Administrator to the property owner by preparing proposals and Merchandise License Agreements, overseeing product approvals, and managing the collection and distribution of royalty payments.

Manufacturer Representation

The Licensing Group represents a select number of manufacturers for acquisition of licenses complement the manufacturer’s objectives. Through its extensive network of relationships in throughout the licensing industry, TLG has the ability to play a significant role in acquiring properties on behalf of manufacturers.

Licensing Consulting

The Licensing Group consults to property owners (licensors) in all phases of developing and executing their licensing programs. TLG also works with licensees to determine the consumer base for the licenses they have and what products to manufacture.

In addition to consulting to property owners and manufacturers, The Licensing Group actively consults to government entities and various organizations.

Speaking/Conducting Workshops/Seminars

Danny Simon is available for speaking engagements and conducting workshops and seminars on domestic and international licensing. For many years, Simon has participated in a significant number of domestic conferences on the subject of intellectual property and licensing, and he has spoken at international licensing conferences in more than 25 countries and is Visiting Professor of Phoenix School of Communications University of China, and an Advisor to the Brand Licensing Research Center for Culture & Creativity, Tshinghua University, (China). For 18 years, Simon taught the only continuing college level course on Entertainment Licensing as part of the UCLA Entertainment Extension program. His appearances at symposiums, both business and legal, are extensive.

Expert Witness Services

Danny Simon is available as an expert witness in cases relating to intellectual property rights, property and trademark evaluation, evaluation of royalty income, loss relating to licensing revenues, matters of breach, improper use of images, infringement, and generally recognized standards and practices of the licensing industry. He has served as an expert witness in more than 25 cases.