Expert Witness

Danny Simon is recognized worldwide as an expert in domestic and international entertainment and brand licensing and merchandising. He has served as an Expert Witness on behalf of major studios, networks, manufacturers and intellectual property rights owners.

Simon has served as an Expert Witness in more than 25 cases, performed consulting services, provided Expert Witness reports, and has been deposed many times. As an Expert Witness, he has testified on ownership of intellectual property rights, property and trademark evaluation, evaluation of royalty income, loss relating to licensing revenues, matters of breach, improper use of images, infringement, and generally recognized standards and practices of the licensing industry.

Simon has been selected as an expert witness by such companies as: Mattel Toys, Philips Electronics, Midway Games, Polygram Film Entertainment New Line Productions, the rock group KISS, Turner Broadcasting, Fox Broadcasting Company, Sony Pictures Studios, and the Boris Karloff estate.