Reimagined, huggable and lovable, The PILLOW PEOPLE return to protect children while they sleep. In development, a half-hour CGI animated series from Threshold Animation Studios.

Anyone who knew the Pillow People when the property was first introduced in the late 1980s knows that Pillow People not only protect kids while they sleep, they are there to share laughter, fun, fears and tears as bedtime buddies and playtime pals. For millions of kids, these pillow-sized plush characters, with stuffed arms and silk-covered legs, replaced their security blankets and helped them overcome their fear of the dark.

The original Pillow People property was one of the great licensing success stories of the late 1980s. Well-known toy inventor, designer and former therapist Penny Ekstein-Lieberman created The Pillow People to help her own children cope with bedtime worries by letting them know that the job of the Pillow People was to protect them while they slept.

While most successful children’s properties often require the support of an animated television series and the marketing muscle of a major toy company, Pillow People had neither. Leading domestics manufacturer Springs Industries introduced the property in 1986, and the Pillow People became an unprecedented (for those days) $120 million licensing program spanning over 150 licensing partnerships that obtained a 97% awareness among its target consumers, and was the property credited for launching the children’s home furnishings market.

Say “Pillow People” to a millennial, and she is sure to remember it from her childhood.

The Pillow People remained popular into the 1990s and spun off a seasonal TV special called Pillow People Save Christmas which aired for nearly a decade. As the property continued to grow in fame, various Pillow People characters showed up on TV shows and films such as Full House and Big. The Pillow People even appeared in the world-famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Pillow People for the 21st century is aimed at children 2-11 and is the ideal property for a wide range of products including apparel, children’s home furnishings, domestics, and plush.

CATEGORY: Character
A Group of pillow-like characters that protect children while they sleep.
TARGET MARKET: Children 2-11

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