COOL SCHOOL is one of the most popular channels available on what has emerged as kids’ most popular brand—YouTube.

The COOL SCHOOL YouTube channel is comprised of programs which, through the use of a creative mix of live action and animation, result in engaging and playful programs for children ages 4 to 8 of which 60% are female and 40% are male. It is a safe and fun destination where together parents and children can interact with inventive, quality entertainment.

In COOL SCHOOL there are no limits to a kid’s imagination; classic stories come to life, and new adventures are all a part of the curriculum. The three most popular programs in COOL SCHOOL are Storytime with Ms. Booksy, Crafty Carol, and Drew Pendous and His Mighty Pen Ultimate. Fairy Frog Mothers and Slime Monsters can be found at COOL SCHOOL every day along with plenty of glitter and lots of eager fans.

COOL SCHOOL’s popularity among kids and parents is demonstrated by its YouTube viewer statistics: COOL SCHOOL currently has more than half a million subscriptions to its channel and a combined half a BILLION views.

The unique opportunity that COOL SCHOOL provides licensees is the ability to use the COOL SCHOOL brand or the assets of its individual programs as the basis for creating engaging and entertaining products.


CATEGORY: Character
PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: COOL SCHOOL is a YouTube channel with a large subscription base. Three COOL SCHOOL programs are available for licensing: Storytime with Ms. Booksy, Crafty Carol, and Drew Pendous and His Mighty Pen Ultimate
TARGET MARKET: Children ages 4 to 8

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