Born in Belgium, Cecile Hubene has been drawing and painting since early childhood. She is best known for her watercolor-on-paper paintings. However in recent years, she has also included the use of acrylics on both paper and canvas creating kaleidoscopic studies of intimate and familiar subjects.

Travels throughout Southern Europe, North Africa and Asia have been a main source of inspiration and the subject matter of many of her paintings. Cecile’s work has been described as “broad thematic explorations, the juxtaposition of denseness and transparency creating a dance of texture, light and movement.” Within each piece of art lies a message which transcends the mundane and reminds us that the true journey always begins deep within ourselves.

Cecile’s works hang in many prominent galleries throughout Europe and the U. S., and are part of many private and corporate collections. Her works have also been licensed for use in creating such items as calendars, clothes, footwear and an extensive card & notebook line.

CATEGORY: Lifestyle
PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: Broad Artistic Explorations

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